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For the priceless gem it is, that which ensnares the human heart with its quite charm and radiance, the pearl has a very humble origin. It is formed inside sea animals known as oysters.

The process of pearl formation begins when any irritant particle enters the oyster’s body. Unable to get rid of the particle the oyster secretes NACRE – layers of which form the pearl. There are a variety of pearls – Natural pearls, Cultured pearls and Semi-Cultured pearls. Natural pearls are the ones directly formed in the oyster and usually do not have a perfect shape. Cultured pearls are those pearls which are formed by the insertion of the round irritant particle into the oyster’s body. Natural and Cultured pearls are chiefly used in jewellery. Semi-Cultured pearls are the ones which are made artificially. The basic materials used are plastic, glass  and oyster powder.

The History of pearls business in Hyderabad dates back to the 19th century, when the Nizam of the erstwhile Hyderabad state, for his love of pearls, encouraged this trade. Hyderabad soon became a nerve centre of the pearls trade.  Hyderabad today is undoubtedly the largest trading centre for pearls in the world. 

Pearls has its birth place in the Ocean, Delicate & discreet, does not sparkle, it glows.  Symbol of beauty, Purity and wealth, represents Planet Moon in astrological sysem thus imparting coolness to the body, through every culture in every age over the expanse of the world since civilization began.

Processing is the most vital stage, wherein the pearl gets its charm, to become the most sought after jewel. It is Processing of pearls in which Hyderabad specializes in. The entire processing is done manually, since pearls are very fragile, and cannot undergo a mechanised process. The skills required for processing is of a very high degree and precision. Hyderabad has both – Talented and skilled craftsmen. KEDARNATHJI MOTIWALE JEWELLERS have been in this trade SINCE 1908 and are well known for their REPUTE in this trade.

We do the drilling, processing, curing, grading, ornamenting and everything to the raw pearls to make it into ornaments. Finished pearls adorn the show-cases of the numerous Showrooms in the World.

These pearls are then made into Jewellery. Typical designs of Hyderabad are Satlada (seven strands of pearls set with emeralds, diamonds and rubies), Kundan Ranihar (pearl sets with enamel kundan work), the regular Jugni sets (several strands of pearls with a central pendant) and many more...

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